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Fresh Ideas - Wise Head. You deserve better value for money from Council and that's what I offer. I'll vote against any increase to the CEO's $440k salary. I'd rather see those low incomes get a living wage. Affordable housing, better transport that reduces carbon emissions and booming businesses offering great jobs - that's my vision for Hamilton. We're growing fast and we must have a plan that halts climate change, takes care of business and delivers the best lifestyles to Hamiltonians. I work as an advocate teachers and education staff at NZEI Te Riu Roa. I will listen, before I make decisions. I've 20 years experience in the finance sector and that makes me a valuable asset in financial debates. We need to change the makeup of our Council to better reflect our diverse City. Let's start with more women representatives. I would value your vote.

What is your vision for Hamilton?

Affordable housing, better transport that reduces carbon emissions and booming businesses offering great jobs - that's my vision for Hamilton. I want Hamilton to be a city where there is a home for everyone, a city that has exciting and inviting social spaces, parks and gardens for all to share just around the corner. A city that provides real transport solutions including trains, buses, cycling and pedestrian paths & one that embraces future opportunities like lime scooters and electric car share schemes. I want our city to be the place that big & small businesses choose to trade in, offer jobs and can grow & prosper.

What do you think is key for managing our city's growth?

Stop the sprawl, let's learn from Auckland's mistakes and reject rezoning more land from the outskirts of our city. We need to look to successful town planning models around the world, consult the professionals and take the best from them. I think that will include higher density living, with our schools, shops, parks in your neighbourhood so you could walk or cycle or scooter to them. 

What is the one thing you'd do differently that would make Hamilton an even better place?

Inequality hurts everyone. That's why I'll fight for a living wage for all directly employed Council staff and contractors, then partner with other Councillors to lead Hamilton City Council to becoming a Living Wage employer.

What's the biggest technology opportunity Hamilton is missing and how can we make it happen?

I believe Tourism is an untapped opportunity. The economic benefits are waiting for us. Let's build an exciting, colourful, mobile friendly website (or tourist app) to promote our beautiful City and all it can offer and lets use social media channels to spread the word.  

How do you think we can get more people interested and engaged in Council?

There are already organised groups all across Hamilton, sports groups, church groups, NGOs, business & social networks and other community organisations, so let's start there with outreach, engagement & consultation processes. I want to see Civics Education promoted in schools across the City, developing a teaching resource would be a good start to grow knowledge and future voters. 

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Phone: 027 246 8785

*All words were supplied by candidates and copied verbatim