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I live in the East Ward. 

Council is a complex business with revenues of $377 million, over 1000 staff, and capital spending of $288 million next year.

This requires an in-depth business understanding, which I offer voters as a professional accountant.

Elected twice, I have served as chair and deputy chair of the Council's Finance Committee.

I've also chaired the financial strategy taskforce, setting targets for future city growth.

You can rest assured, if re-elected I will continue to ask the tough questions and demand answers.

For me, rates affordability continues as a key issue more than ever before, as is living within our means.

A Fellow Chartered Accountant, and former partner in the global accounting firm PwC, I bring my lifetime business experience to council.

A past chair of Sacred Heart Girl's College, I'm director of First Credit Union, chair the national professional accountants conduct committee, and Law Society standards committee.

What’s your vision for Hamilton?

A city that has safe and connected communities, that’s forward thinking, and can live within its means.

What do you think is key for managing our city’s growth?

Prioritise planning, strong leadership, and really good partnerships with our bordering councils and key stakeholders.

What’s the one thing you’d do differently that would make Hamilton an even better place to live?

Engage our community more fully, let them tell their stories, and tell us what is important to them.

What’s the biggest technology opportunity Hamilton is missing and how can we make it happen?

Greater use of smart data to measure how residents use our city (e.g. cycleways, parking, street lighting, water etc.) and then applying the results into eliminating wasted costs, and better planning future asset renewals and capital expenditure

How do you think we can get more people interested and engaged in Council?

Use past successes, and explore better ways to listen to and bring the community on board with major decisions. Reinstate focus groups for young people, elder persons and other community groups that will bring value to our city. Engage, listen, talk.



Phone: 07 853 5510

*All words were supplied by candidates and copied verbatim