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2021 – Your council, who speaks for you? Representation review responses



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I'm uncomfortable with being asked about how things should work for Maaori, as I'm Pākehā. Maaori should be the ones deciding how things work for Maaori, and I'm a bit confused as to why non-Maaori are being asked to have a say on this. I dislike the separation between the East Ward and West Ward. I think we should just have councillors for the whole city. I don't know anyone who thinks of the city in terms of the East / West divide - most of us move across the boundary for work and living and leisure etc, and quite often councillors for East / West ward don't themselves come from that side of the river. I think community boards are a valuable way to hear more from different communities within the city, particularly under-represented and marginalised communities whose voices are not often heard and valued. There is no way to have good representation of our communities with 14 councillors. Community boards are a useful conduit to communicate messages to various communities, and to communicate messages from these communities back to councillors.
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