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2021 – Your council, who speaks for you? Representation review responses



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The number of councillors in the Maaori ward should be increased to 4, and the total number of councillors remain at 14. This would align better with the proportion of Maaori residing in Hamilton (according to census 2018 is approximately 24%). It would be fairer representation for Maaori and a better implementation of the Treaty principles. To implement only two Maaori councillor positions would be tokenistic and not go far enough to address the disparities for Maaori caused by grossly disproportionate representation at council over decades. We must also build on the Maangai Maaori representation and continue with four Maaori councillors, to not do so is to regress.
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The Council will hear verbal submissions on Tuesday 9 October 2021. Do you want to speak about your submission at this meeting?