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2021 – Your council, who speaks for you? Representation review responses



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Do you support the Council’s initial proposal for representation arrangements for 2022?
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Adding two extra seats will be too many around the table to make decisions. There will more division between all the Councillors with their own ideals and what they want for city of Hamilton. Plus more financial responsibility on the ratepayers, paying the salaries for two extra members. There is already a complex Governance structure in place, with Committees, Council, Briefings, Workshops, Working Groups, drop in sessions. I believe this will become more complicated and layered and will delay decision making. The East and West wards should reduce by one each to allow for the two Maaori Elected Members. This will allow for more diversity and inclusion around the table. That is currently lacking.
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The Council will hear verbal submissions on Tuesday 9 October 2021. Do you want to speak about your submission at this meeting?