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2021 – Your council, who speaks for you? Representation review responses



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I do not believe that it is necessary to increase the number of Councillors at this stage, just because we are being required by Government to include Maaori only seats. I have no objection to the formation of Maaori seats per se. However as a first step towards this new adjustment to representation I believe that we should not increase the number of councillors to 14. I note that there is agreement to review the Maaori seats situation after 3 years (rather than 6 years as would normally be the case) and it would be more appropriate to consider reviewing the overall number of councillors at that stage. I note that you advise that the remuneration for councillors would not increase if there are more than 12 councillors as at present, because the total amount allowed for the councillors is a group total and not a per councillor amount. However increasing the number of councillors would cause additional costs to cope for the additional resources required to support the greater number of personnel. I believe that such extra costs would not be cheap. Ratepayers are not prepared to keep on paying out extra rates to meet the costs of every new plan or project that the governance team wish to see implemented. Ratepayers are having to tighten their belts more and more as Council impose greater levels of rates, year after year. It is high time that Council tightens its own belt for a change.
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