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2021 – Your council, who speaks for you? Representation review responses



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Do you support the Council’s initial proposal for representation arrangements for 2022?
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Agree with equal no of councillors for East and West. But that's all I approve of. It is unfair in this century that we still make divisions based on a person's race. Councillors should be placed in council based on votes. Not based on their race and a treaty that was signed many years ago. While I respect the treaty it is unfair to create racism in our community for political gain. Everyone should be treated equally regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender. I believe such decisions that are made for political reasons violates human rights and violates the right of every other person from different races living in Hamilton.
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The Council will hear verbal submissions on Tuesday 9 October 2021. Do you want to speak about your submission at this meeting?