Stand! Lead your city


Help us spread the voting message and download our Election collateral. Collateral includes posters, social media tiles, imagery and more.

Download the zip file here


This by-election will decide who leads the East Ward neighbourhood through an exciting and important time that will help define our city’s future.

Our communities deserve the best people who will make the right decisions in the interests of Hamilton and Hamiltonians.

Hamilton's unprecedented growth is seeing almost 40 new residents move here every week. This creates opportunities but also poses challenges, both of which require creative thinkers, strong decision makers and community-minded individuals with a vision for our city in 30, 40 and 50 years’ time.

If this sounds like you, put your hand up to stand and lead your city! Nominations are now open for East Ward candidates. 

Want to know a bit more first? Explore this site or check out the 2021 Candidate Booklet or LGNZ Candidate Guide.

The more you know about what Council does, the better your chance of a successful campaign. Understanding these documents will help you hit the ground running:

2021-31 Draft Long-Term Plan (Please note: The 2021-31 Long-Term Plan will  be adopted on 24 June 2020).

2018-28 10-Year Plan

2019/20 Annual Plan

Financial Strategy

Infrastructure Strategy

Governance Statement

2019/20 Annual Report



If elected as a Councillor, you’ll be responsible for making rules such as bylaws. But first, there’s some rules you need to follow during your campaign. These relate to election signs, social media, and how much you can spend. Click on the links for information to make sure you stay within the rules.

The key thing you should know though, is that we’re here to help as much as we can. Please get in touch with Dale or Becca (details below) if you have any questions. They’re available by email, phone or to meet in person to provide the information you need to make the decision to stand for Council. 

Key Contacts

Electoral Officer

Dale Ofsoske, Election Services
PO Box 5135, Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142
09 973 5212

Deputy Electoral Officer

Becca Brooke (Elections Manager)
07 838 6439