Election Day

Voting documents should not be collected from electors by you or your assistants. Each elector should post or deliver their own voting document to the electoral officer. This also applies to rest homes and hospitals - voting documents should not be collected from elderly or infirm electors by you or your assistants.

Appointment of scrutineers 

You can appoint scrutineers to observe certain functions of the election. Appointment of scrutineers must be made by noon, Friday 7 October 2022. These functions are:  

  • the scrutiny of the roll 
  • the preliminary count (after the close of voting) 
  • the official count.  


You can appoint one or more scrutineers for each of the above functions, but only one scrutineer for each candidate may be present at any one time. A scrutineer cannot be:  

  • a candidate 
  • a member or employee of any local authority or community board for which an election is being conducted 
  • under 18 years old.  


Each scrutineer must be appointed by a candidate in writing to the electoral officer. The letter of appointment must be received by the electoral officer no later than noon Friday 7 October 2022 (Section 68, Local Electoral Act 2001). A standard letter for the appointment of a scrutineer can be found here. 

Each appointed scrutineer must report initially to the electoral officer or deputy electoral officer, where a declaration pledging not to disclose any information coming to their knowledge, will need to be signed and a name tag issued. Any scrutineer may leave or re-enter the place where election functions are being conducted, but it is an offence (and liable for a fine) to:  

  • make known for what candidate any voter has voted 
  • make known the state of the election, or give or pretend to give any information by which the state of the election may be known, before the close of voting.  


Close of voting 

The preliminary count of votes will start once voting closes at noon on Saturday 8 October 2022 at the electoral office. The official count of votes will be undertaken once the preliminary count is done, and the final result will be known on Thursday 13 October 2022. The official count will also occur at the electoral office. The role of scrutineers is to ensure that election procedures are undertaken correctly and that the count of votes is done fairly and reasonably.  Mobile phones are prohibited within the secure area where the count will take place. 

After voting closes, special vote declarations are forwarded to Registrars of Electors for verification. Special votes cannot be collected by candidates or their assistants for distribution to electors.  

If you provide Council with an email address, you will be emailed both the progress and preliminary results once available. All results will also be placed on www.hamilton.govt.nz 


Election Results 

Election results will be released on three occasions:  

  • Progress results around 2pm on election day, Saturday 8 October 2022.  
  • Preliminary results on Sunday morning, 9 October 2022.  
  • Final results on Thursday afternoon, 13 October 2022.  


Progress results  

The counting of votes will begin from noon Saturday, 8 October 2022 at the offices of Independent Election Services Ltd, Level 2, 198 Federal Street, Auckland.  Progress results will be shared as soon as possible after voting closes. These are likely to reflect approximately 92% of the votes cast. Each candidate will be phoned by Hamilton City Council electoral staff prior to the progress results being placed on the website. Once all sealed ballot boxes have been received, these will be processed and included to form the preliminary results.  


Preliminary results   

Preliminary results will be available once all votes that are hand-delivered on election morning have been received and processed. This is expected to be on Sunday morning 9 October 2022.  

Both progress and preliminary results will be available:  

  • by accessing council’s website hamilton.govt.nz  
  • by phoning the electoral office on 0800 922 822.  


Final results 

Once all special votes have been validated by the Electoral Commission, a final result will be announced. This is expected late afternoon on Thursday 13 October 2022.  


Elected Members 

For information about your role, duties, and remuneration as an elected member, see here.  

Key Contacts

Electoral Officer

Dale Ofsoske, Election Services
PO Box 5135, Wesley Street
Auckland 1141
09 973 5212

Hamilton City Governance Team

07 838 6727