Before you can vote, you need to enrol!

Do you tick these boxes?

  • I’ll be 18 years or older on Election Day (12 October).
  • I’m a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • I’ve lived in New Zealand for at least one year continuously at some point.
  • I live or own property in Hamilton City.

Then you’re eligible to enrol and vote!

Own property but live outside of Hamilton? Have your say by registering as a ratepayer elector.

Visit Elections NZ to enrol and for more information about if you’re eligible.

You have until Friday 11 October 2019 to enrol. But if you leave it until after 12pm on Friday 16 August 2019, you’ll need to cast a special vote (see below). 

Check out our Fact Sheet and FAQs for everything you need to know about voting and the elections. 


All signed up? Great. Now’s the important part.

Stand by to receive your voting papers in the post between Friday 20 September and Wednesday 25 September 2019.

Except... if you didn’t enrol by Friday 16 August 2019 you’ll need a special voting paper from the Hamilton City Council building in Garden Place or by calling 0800 922 822.

Enrolled by Friday 16 August 2019 but haven’t received your voting papers by Friday 27 September 2019? We’ve got you covered. Just give us a call on 0800 922 822.

We want as many of you to vote as possible, so if you need a hand to complete your voting papers, we’ve got people who can do that. Drop in to the Hamilton City Council building in Garden Place anytime during the voting period, or email

I've got my voting papers, what do I do now?

Remember that important part we mentioned? Here's where you decide who to give your votes to.

Everyone gets a vote on who will be the Mayor and depending on where you live, you'll vote for the six Councillors to represent that area.

If you live on the east side of the river, you'll vote for Councillors for the East Ward, and if you live on the west side, you'll vote for Councillors for the West Ward.

Hamilton City Council uses the First Past the Post voting system. This means you tick the names of the candidates you want to vote for - one vote for the Mayor and six votes for Councillors. The candidates with the most votes are elected to Council.

Check out our Candidates page once nominations open for more information about who is standing for Mayor and who wants to be a Councillor in your ward. Our Events page also has details of where you can go to meet or hear from the candidates.

To return your voting papers in time to be counted, you’ll need to get them in the post by Saturday 5 October. After that date, you can drop them off at Hamilton City Council in Garden Place until 12pm on Saturday 12 October.

We'll also be running drive-through voting stations for a quick and easy way to deliver your papers. Follow Hamilton City Council on Facebook to find out when these are happening.

Key Contacts

Electoral Officer

Dale Ofsoske, Election Services
PO Box 5135, Wesley Street
Auckland 1141
09 973 5212

Deputy Electoral Officer

Becca Brooke (Elections Manager)
07 838 6439